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"The reason it appealed to us was that composting was too much of a hassle in labour, and in our location a compost pile would be basically a wildlife feeder station. It [the Green Cone] served a five person household's kitchen waste on a consistent basis, with a ten to fifteen person dinner party about twice a month. It worked best in sunlight in the winter, when temperatures went down below freezing, we noticed a layer of frost on the top layer in the morning, but by afternoon, the anerobics had created a good head of steam and heated the system up."
Maury Mason - Founder, Earth Day - Roberts Creek, BC
"The Green Cone is the perfect marriage between innovation and simplicity. It is easy-to-use and most importantly it works - so much so that any of our staff and board that have a backyard have a Green Cone!
We operate a hotline to help customers with their composting questions; we receive dozens of calls each month regarding issues people have with their traditional composters. In the 2 years we have been carrying and selling Green Comes to the public we have received maybe one or two calls from customers with problems. It is by far the easiest and most successful (to the customer) composting system we sell!"
Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre
"I used a Green Cone to dispose of my kitchen waste for about five years when I lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia, so I know it works as advertised. What is unique about this device is that it is not designed to produce compost for use in the garden. It is designed to turn kitchen waste into water, carbon dioxide, and just a little bit of humus. The Green Cone accepts not just vegetable scraps, but it will dispose of meat products, dairy products, and even bones. Those materials are a no-no in a traditional composting system."
Jeff Ball - Detroit Free Press full article
"Town Farm Primary School installed a green cone in September 2006. Since then it has been used daily mainly for the disposal of fruit waste. Every class has a special bucket for the waste and a monitor to place the waste in the cone. The cone is situated in our environmental area of the school grounds and the children are encouraged to visit this area. The outcomes of using the cone are explained to the children and we hope that this will encourage them to take care of the environment in the future. We are now going to order two additional cones."
Carol Davies - Stanwell, UK
"Really, my life is more exciting than would be suggested by leaving messages about composting here. However, having got that out of the way, and dignity and self-esteem restored, just wanted to say that your Green Cone was one of the first things I installed in my new home (well obviously in the garden of my new home) back in 2001. I have hardly touched it - I give it a bit of a stir occasionally, throw in the powder, etc. etc. and with a family of then 3 and now 4, it deals with all our cooked food and most of our peelings. (I tend to throw a lot of the peelings in the original compost bins when they look like they need it.)"
Marian Cleary - Great Britain

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