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Really. The Green Cone was invented over twenty years ago in Canada, and there are Green Cones still functioning perfectly across the country and in the US. In the UK, where the product and process have made their home for most of the last decade, it's been accepted by a growing number of local governments as the way to deal with the ever increasing problem of food waste. It's as effective in getting rid of waste as any other process, including central composting and waste-to-energy solutions, and way better than the landfill. And you don't have to save the stuff up for collection. Even better, nobody has to haul it - from the curb to the truck or across the city.

The product and process have been tested by independent consultants and universities. It does what it's supposed to do.

The hardest thing about installing it is digging the two foot deep hole. And once it's in, you don't have to sort your food waste, you don't have to dig it in, or stir it or turn it. You just dump it in the Green Cone, and it does the rest.

Here are some reports from Vermont and the UK that track some long term Green Cone pilot projects.