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How It Works

The Green Cone breaks down food mostly through an accelerated aerobic process. The combination of solar heat and air circulation created by the double walled plastic cone make for an active environment. Add in access to worms and microrganisms in the digestion basket, and it can effectively deal with a family's food waste year 'round in all but the coldest climates.

What keeps the vermin and other animals out is the below ground basket - with the basket buried and the lip covered with soil, there are no odors to attract - rats, mice, dogs, whatever. Bears can't grab the cone to pick it up, and it doesn't get knocked over because it's dug into the ground.

After it's installed, all you do is dump your food waste into it at the end of each day. At the beginning and when it's colder, you can sprinkle a natural, cereal based bacterial accelerator powder on it to keep it going, and once every two or three years the remaining sludge has to be emptied into the garden or soil. But that's it.