What’s a Green Johanna®?

· The Green Johanna is a hot composter that allows you to compost all your food waste. This means bones, bread, dairy, eggshell, fish, fruit, meat, soup and vegetables can all be used and composted, as well as coffee filters, teabags, household papers, egg cartons, wilted flowers and dead houseplants.

The Green Johanna works all the year round, no matter how cold the outside temperature, thanks to the special shape of the Green Johanna and the use of the optional Green Johanna Winter Jacket. It features adjustable ventilation, with the lockable lid the variations in compost temperature and quality can easily be adjusted and controlled.

The Green Johanna produces the finest quality compost. The final product is fully broken down and appears as a moist, nutrient-rich soil, the ultimate treat for our favorite garden plants, and its easy to empty. Unlike most compost systems that must be dismantled in order to be emptied or require digging from the top, the Green Johanna allows you to draw only the completed compost from the bottom without disturbing the process that is continuing above.

It’s the simple natural way to deal with all of your food waste.


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