What Else?

Food waste digestion with the Green Cone and Green Johanna is a great way to deal with eliminating food waste, but there's a better one. A recent report out of the UK called The Food We Waste estimates that as much as half of the food they buy there is thrown away - good food that unnecesarily goes to waste. There hasn't been a similar study done in North America, but we're guessing that we can match those numbers at very least.

The first and best way to reduce the food waste issue is to produce less of it. Green Cone Ltd and Durable Solutions are doing everything we can to support initiatives like the one in the UK called Love Food Hate Waste, and to promote the concepts and ideas that will see us all treat our food chain better.

• Buy close to home

• Don't buy bulk unless you know you will use it

• Where you can, buy for one day's meals at a time

• Use your leftovers as a plan, not by accident

It’s the simple natural way to deal with all of your food waste.


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